Mode of transportation



Hamburg, 10 August 2018


Aarhus, 17 August 2018

Km / miles

340 / 211

Who we are

“Be faster, be stronger, be the best” strategy leads to being fast, strong, the first and… alone on the pedestal. Sprinters win prizes, but don’t necessary get to enjoy the simple little things. Life is more than prizes, more than speed. Life is a long-term journey, where we sometimes make our choice between being the best and being happy. We are all united as cells in one body. We all enjoy tiny little things that surround us: smiles of strangers, being able to help, drinking fresh water, breathing in the forest air after rain, feeling sun on your skin. Life is full of wonders that are waiting, if we are ready to enjoy them, if we are ready to stop running. Not everyone who wanders around is lost – sometimes all we need to be happy is take a deep breath, look around and smile.


Nationality: Latvian


Nationality: Lithuanian