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eneloop is Panasonic’s rechargeable battery range. All eneloop batteries are pre-charged with solar energy and can be recharged an average of 2,100 times with minimum capacity loss (hence, the name of the first expedition – ‘the eneloop expedition 2100’). They are extremely temperature resistant and last longer per charge than traditional batteries due to their higher voltage.

Developed on the concept of caring for the earth, eneloop embodies the principle of sustainability:Rechargeable up to 2,100 timesPre-charged with solar energyEnvironmentally committed through green initiatives

Why an ambassadors' tour?

A green vision, a green tour

Choosing eneloop batteries means choosing sustainability. The idea behind the eneloop ambassadors’ tour is to raise awareness for the environment and mobilise the next generation of greenies.

After a successful first expedition, we will be choosing 12 teams to represent eneloop in a follow-up relay race for charity. The eneloop ambassadors will travel ecologically through Europe using only clean energy. When they reach the finish, eneloop will donate up to €21,000 to a green cause, but the exact sum will depend on our ambassadors.

Benefits of eneloop

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