team Sustainably Sassy - Hanna Karita Korkeemaa - Mayra Da Silva

Mode of transportation



Milovice, 3 August 2018


Hamburg, 10 August 2018

Km / miles

610 / 379

Who we are

We are Hanna and Mayra, two Finnish-Venezuelan friends who met at the university of Helsinki about seven years ago now – it seems like yesterday! Although we initially thought we were very different, time did tell we have more in common than we thought: respect for nature, a green mindset, an ecological conscience and a love for adventure and travel. As our friendship grew, we encouraged each other in subtle and more direct ways to be more ‘environmentally friendly’… and here we are now, all ready for the eneloop ambassadors’ tour as a team of ambassadors, hoping to show the world how we can all live more sustainably while having fun!


Nationality: Finnish


Nationality: Venezuelan