Mode of transportation



Cologne, 24 August 2018


Munich, 31 August 2018

Km / miles

560 / 348

Who we are

Hello everyone! We are Ola and Cesar, experienced travelers and free spirits. With our backpacks and tent we are always discovering new places in this beautiful world. We like to travel off the beaten tracks to avoid tourist hot spots and clichés and admire the beauty of nature. In the eneloop ambassadors’ tour, we’ll be travelling for a green cause. We believe in people and that we came to this world to be free, happy and help others as much as we can – either with concrete actions or by preserving the environment so that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy this little spot in the universe called Earth. We’d like to share our adventure with you, so stay tuned to follow our every move!


Nationality: Mexican


Nationality: Polish

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