Mode of transportation



Hamburg, 10 August 2018


Aarhus, 17 August 2018

Km / miles

340 / 211

Who we are

Alona and I, we aim for the top. Our motto is “be faster, be stronger, be the best”, which results in us being fast, strong and… standing alone on a stage. Sprinters win prizes, but don’t necessary get to enjoy the little things in life. Life is about more than prizes or speed. It’s a long-term journey, in which we sometimes have to choose between individual success and happiness. We are all united as cells in one body. We all enjoy the simple things that surround us: being smiled at by strangers, helping others, drinking fresh water, the smell of the forest after the rain, the sun on our skin... Life is full of wonders that are waiting to be explored – only if we are ready to stop running. Not every wanderer is lost – sometimes all it takes to be happy is to breath deep, look around and smile.

AlonaNationality: Latvian

VaidasNationality: Lithuanian