12 duos, 1 team

eneloop ambassadors travel in pairs. We will start announcing the 24 lucky lads and ladies who will be taking on the challenge together to backpack for the environment.

12 starting points, 1 destination

There are twelve starting points in the relay race – some closer to home than others. Click the map below to see where the journey is headed.

3 challenges, 1 goal

Although their primary motive is to help the environment, the ambassadors might also be in it to win it. During the race, the teams are faced with three recurring challenges. If they complete them flawlessly, they can take part in the grand finale.

Challenge 1: ‘Walk with the world’Share every day of your 1-week journey on Facebook.

Challenge 2: ‘Like for charity’- Get Facebook likes to increase the donation amount.- Capture the smiles of 7 passers-by and share them on Facebook.

Challenge 3: ‘Take us for a spin’Film your journey in 360 degrees and share your footage on Facebook as a recap video (of 25 clips).

12 sustainable modes of transportation, 1 green race

The eneloop ambassadors’ tour is a green relay race, which means that the ambassadors commit to sustainability the second they enter the competition. On foot, by mountain bike, by train, by skateboard… every team can choose their own sustainable mode of transportation.